Since the beginning of industrial revolution, the idea of economies of scale and mass production has rooted deep in industrialists' minds. The basic idea is that when you pool resources, you can achieve better result than sum of individual effort. In the financial world, investors have long been pooling their money so that they can capture attractive investment opportunities. Such pooled investments usually take the form of mutual funds or unit trusts.

Mutual fund provides market opportunities to investors. Investors can pick mutual funds with investment objectives that they desire. The choice can be on asset classes like bond and equity, on geography like single country fund or regional fund, on investment strategy like index tracking or value investing, on specific sector like industry fund or thematic fund or a combination of the above. Without going through the details or having huge investment sum, investors can achieve what used to be possible only for institutional investors.

Besides market exposure, fund manager also provides additional values in terms of stock selection, timing the purchases and selling off and sometimes hedging away undesirable risks. Good managers often have their own style and strengths which enable them to out-perform peers under certain circumstances.

There are tens of thousands of mutual funds globally and about 2000 authorized funds in Hong Kong. Understanding and researching these funds is an expertise in itself. As an investment advisor, Arcadia provides client with in depth research information on mutual funds and, more importantly, help clients to select what fits to their personal needs and objectives.



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